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Placentia Car Accident Lawyer

Placentia Car Accident Attorney Gregory Bosse protects client rights in auto accident cases. If you were in a car accident in Placentia, Orange County, or California, Lawyer Gregory L. Bosse may be able to help you gain the compensation you deserve.

Mr. Bosse represents injured passengers, drivers, and bystanders. At our Placentia car accident law firm, we do not charge for the initial consultation. In addition, attorney fees are not collected until a favorable outcome in the case has been achieved. Please call and schedule your consultation by dialing (714) 550-9555.

Placentia Auto Accident Lawyer and Wrongful Death Attorney Bosse has over 30 years of experience and is well respected in the profession. He works to provide outstanding representation to individuals and families, returning calls promptly and ensuring new case developments are shared in a timely manner.

Accident Attorney for Placentia, CA

Even bystanders are at risk of being injured in a car accident. Whether you have been injured as a driver, a passenger, or because you were on the sidewalk or crossing the street, Auto Accident Attorney Bosse may be able to help. Our firm provides complete representation to auto accident victims. ThisPlacentia Car Accident Lawyer Gregory L. Bosse includes negotiating with insurance representatives, handling issues relating to uninsured motorists, and other matters.

Placentia Car Accident Attorney Bosse is a compassionate professional who understands how stressful life after a car accident can become. Therefore, our accident lawyer works to handle cases efficiently and conclude them in a timely manner, always prioritizing the maximization of the financial settlement.

In the tragic circumstances where a family loses a loved one due to an accident, Wrongful Death Lawyer Bosse works to obtain the highest level of justice and monetary compensation possible for them. If your family has suffered such a loss, please contact our firm for a consultation.

Reliable Car Accident Lawyer

Placentia Car Accident Attorney Bosse is also a knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, and more. Our firm provides counsel and representation on the full array of car accident cases:

Big Rig Accident Attorney & Truck Accident Attorney

Have you been in a big rig accident or in a truck accident? Placentia Attorney Bosse is a zealous truck and big rig accident lawyer able to represent complex cases.

Commercial Transportation Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving commercial vehicles such as a bus, taxi, carpool van, train, or other vehicle can mean serious injuries. In such cases, it is vital to obtain the counsel of a qualified commercial transportation accident attorney such as Mr. Bosse to ensure the highest compensation can be claimed.

Motorcycle Attorney Lawyer Serving Placentia, California

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, please call our Placentia personal injury law firm to schedule a free consultation with Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Gregory L. Bosse. He diligently represents injured clients to obtain compensation for every possible expense.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you have been hurt as a pedestrian in an accident, Placentia Personal Injury Attorney and Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Bosse may be able to assist. He accepts a variety of pedestrian accident cases, including those involving crosswalks and sidewalk collisions.

Placentia Bicycle Accident Attorney

Accidents between a car and bicyclist can result in injuries that are quite serious. As a skilled Placentia personal injury attorney, Mr. Gregory Bosse provides quality representation to victims of bicycle accidents.

Categories of Auto Accident Compensation

The goal at the Law Offices of Gregory L. Bosse is to obtain the best compensation for our clients. Better compensation enables injured individuals and their families to heal and move forward more effectively and quickly after the car accident.

Call Placentia Personal Injury Lawyer Greg Bosse if you have been hurt in a bicycle, motorcycle, truck, or commercial transportation vehicle accident. We fight to gain every appropriate type of compensation. This can include the following categories:

Punitive Damages: If the person who caused the accident is determined to have been acting in a reckless manner, punitive damages could be included.

Medical Bills: Expenses for medical care are generally included in compensation. This may also mean that estimated future medical expenses are also covered.

Monetary Damages: Pain and suffering is another item that is generally included in compensation.

Lost Wages: When someone is injured to the point that their work is affected, it may be possible to recover lost wages.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

(Do Not Contact the Other Insurance Company Unless the Attorney Representing You Advises It.)

Call Placentia Car Accident Lawyer Gregory Bosse

If you have been hurt in an auto accident of any type, please contact Car Accident Lawyer Greg Bosse. He works to gain injured individuals the highest monetary compensation possible. Our Placentia personal injury law firm can be reached by phone at (714) 550-9555 or online by filling out an accident case evaluation and contact form. Upon receiving your form, we will review the information and get in contact with you to schedule a free consultation.


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